Month: February 2019


What is accounting?Financial Statements

What is accounting?And its role in business? How do stakeholders get information about the financing, investing, and operating activities of a business? This is the role of accounting. Accounting provides information for managers to use in operating the business. In addition, accounting provides information to other stakeholders to use in […]

Strategic management

Strategic Management|Financial Planning

What is Strategic Management? Strategic management is a set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long run performance of a corporation. It includes environmental scanning (both external and internal), strategy formulation (strategic or long-range planning), strategy implementation, and evaluation and control. The study of strategic management, therefore, emphasizes the […]

Taxation |Income Tax

Law of Taxation |Income Tax |Taxation

Taxes have been the lifeblood for good governance. Contemporary ambitious developmental schemes for all round progress of the society rests on the revenue, generated through the medium of taxation. The power to levy taxes is vested with the sovereign. The tax proceeds go to the general revenues of the state […]